DHR, Inc.

DHR has been in business for more than 15 years.  All of our partners maintain HR Certification through the Human Resources Certification Institute.  We are designed to service small and mid-sized businesses with 10-250 employees.  We provide the services that a traditional HR department would offer at a price you can afford.  We provide expertise in the HR functional areas of:

DHR is more than a consulting service.  We are an active, integrated business partner.  We can partner with you on a project basis or a long-term basis, acting much like a part-time employee.  Using a hands-on approach, DHR can help your organization comply with the laws affecting your organization every day.

We work for you.  DHR represents your best interests.  Our staff can be on site on a regularly scheduled basis, or conveniently available through fax, phone, or Internet.  DHR brings a higher order of HR professionalism to the smaller business, without the burden of over-regulation or bureaucracy confronting many larger organizations.